The California Ventura Mission was formed on July 1, 1978.  The mission was formed from the Los Angeles California Mission and consisted originally of 12 stakes.  Around 1984, the Bakersfield region was transferred from the California Fresno Mission and added to the California Ventura Mission.  As a result of the dividing of stakes and the earlier addition of the Bakersfield region, the California Ventura Mission reached its high point of 18 stakes in 1992.  On January 1, 1993, all units of the San Fernando Valley were transferred from the California Ventura Mission to the California Arcadia Mission.  This brought the number of stakes down to a level of fourteen.  On July 1, 1994, the Valencia Stake and the Santa Clarita Stakes were divided off from the mission creating the California San Fernando Mission with stakes from the Arcadia and San Bernardino Missions. On July 1, 2013, the California Bakersfield Mission was created with the transfer of all three Bakersfield stakes from the California Ventura Mission and four additional stakes from the San Fernando Mission.

Mission Boundaries as of July 1, 2013

In the California Ventura Mission, the gospel is presented in English and Spanish.  All stakes have English speaking units, and nearly all the stakes have Spanish speaking units. There are other cultural pockets within the mission, but no other language units are organized at the present time.  A Samoan Ward in the Camarillo Stake has been discontinued.  There were previously a deaf ward and a Korean Ward, but both units were transferred to the California Arcadia Mission on January 1, 1993. The mission office was located at a commercial building in Ventura from its beginning until December 2011 when it relocated to 3301 West Gonzales Road, Oxnard, California.  The current mission home, at 466 Crestwood Avenue in Ventura, was acquired sometime during 1979 and was extensively renovated in 1992.

Mission Office

Mission Office

Mission Home

The following men have served as presidents of the California Ventura Mission. Their hometown at the time of their calling is also shown.

1978-1981                           Hyrum Smith                                   Portland, Oregon
1981-1984                           Kyle Cooper                                    Salt Lake City, Utah
1984-1987                           Newell Barney                                 Mesa, Arizona
1987-1990                           McKinley Oswald                            Salt Lake City, Utah
1990-1993                           Jack Nielsen                                   Orem, Utah
1993-1996                           Roger C. Butterfield                        South Jordan, Utah
1996-1999                           Michael D. Murdock                        Bountiful, Utah
1999-2002                           Val L. Clarke                                   Pocatello, Idaho
2002-2005                           David J. Henderson                        Edmonton, Alberta
2005-2008                           Richard M. Ellsworth                       Lehi, Utah
2008-2011                           Wayne D. Murri                               Logan, Utah
2011-2014                           Fernando R. Castro                        Rexburg, Idaho

The following brethren have served as counselors in the presidency of the California Ventura Mission: James Barlow (Simi Valley Stake), Lynn Richins (Ventura Stake), Ray Linford (Camarillo Stake), David Payne (Santa Barbara Stake), Ken Peterson (Bakersfield Stake), Paul Christiansen (Camarillo Stake), Gary Condie (Valencia Stake), William Vincent (Canoga Park Stake), Robert McIntosh (Santa Barbara Stake), Lawrence Bloomquist (Newbury Park Stake), Jim McBride (Ventura Stake), Francis Winkle (Santa Maria Stake), George Elledge (Bakersfield South Stake), Stephen Record (Santa Barbara Stake), John Moffat (Newbury Park Stake).

Mission Presidency (July 2011 - June 2013)
President Record (1st Counselor), President Castro, President Elledge (2nd Counselor)

Mission Presidency (July 2013 - June 2014)
President Record (1st Counselor), President Castro, President Moffat (2nd Counselor)