Zone Conference December 2012

Pre-meeting Slide Show

          With the theme “…the field is white already to harvest…” (D&C 4:4) this zone conference was dedicated to helping every companionship gain a vision of baptizing monthly. The tone was set with a video that included a depiction of the Savior’s baptism which was linked to pictures of several baptisms that have happened within the mission the past year.  President Castro taught, “There are no brown patches in the Lord’s Vineyard. If He wants missionaries in certain places, it’s because there are searchers.” Also there were multiple recent converts invited to each zone conference to bear testimony; sharing the events that led to their conversion and how the gospel has changed their lives. The testimonies highlighted the importance of character as servants of the Lord as well as the reality of searchers who are coming unto Christ. One recent convert said, “I want to say you all change people’s lives, but I think it is more like you give people lives.” President Castro also taught in each conference that the Lord is hastening his work and we need to be a part of it. He emphasized the necessity of obedience in exercising faith as a principle of action and how that precedes using faith as a principle of power, which in turn will be the means of furthering the aspects of the work outside of our control. President Castro explained, "When missionaries put all their 'heart, might, mind, and strength' on the altar of sacrifice, they are entitled to the blessings of Heaven, and baptizing becomes a reality. He then added, “We’re on the threshold of miraculous days.”

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